The Breaker: New Waves- Chapt 1

This is the sequel to The Breaker. The time in the manhwa is consistent as only a few weeks have passed since Shioon has been invited to join the Sunwoo clan.

The first few pages of this chapter does a recap of the entire first part of The Breaker.

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Bakuman: Chapter 105- Defects and Outlines

Something smells bad… Shun is wearing the same clothes from yesterday XD

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[One-Shot]: Bench by Masashi Kishimoto

It was a typical story with a few surprises here and there. For a one-shot it was very enjoyable.
I really enjoyed this since Major ended and I haven’t had anything baseball-related to read or watch. Ahh, oh how I miss Major so much. I suppose it had to end sooner or later.
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Bleach: Episode 292

OTL, I’m running out of creative titles. T_T
New Opening and Ending.

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Fairy Tail: Episode 49- Fateful Encounter

New Opening, New Ending, New arc.

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Tegami Bachi Reverse: Episode 2 – Underwear and Bread

The bond of the underwear LOL….

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Bakuman- Episode 2: Dumb and Smart

hmm.. just noticed what’s with the opening? like the blue feather thing? XP anyway….

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Bakuman – Chapter 104: Step and Watch

Saiko wants to draw another series…

its early halloween? lol

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The Breaker: Chapt 72- A New World Of Murim

I thought it was the end but found out that so far, the past 72 chapters have been part one, the prequel. It now continues onto The Breaker: New Waves which is part two of the series.

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BLEACH 423. Farewell Swords

Waking from dream world and back to reality…`

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